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John Rowse News & Update

by Bob Harvey last modified Sep 21, 2017 02:07 PM

John's email from September 15th

Dear friends,

1) Kay's now back home and doing a lot better.  Soon, O fear, she will be able to kick me.

2) In case anyone might have misread my last letter, I want to make it very clear that Browns Plains Presbyterian church are very happy - in fact very keen - to continue helping us. It is just that we have to find another way of working it all out, as now, with the general concerns about funds going to the wrong causes overseas, we need to be doubly sure that we line up with the current requirements. It seems we may need to form some kind of association.

The good folk at Browns Plains Presbyterian church are busy looking at options for us. So we thank God for them, and pray for his leading.

With thanks for the many, many kind emails about Kay.


EMail on September 7th, 2017

Our dear praying friends,
The big prayer points right now are ...

1. Kay goes into hospital early tomorrow morning (Friday) for her first hip operation.
2. Then comes the recovery time.  Please pray she will mend well. Also, I have changed my return ticket to October 19, so I can be chief cook and bottle-washer and shoes put-onnerer, etc. for six weeks after the op.  I got to see some of you this time in Australia, but for many others, I am so sorry, but it will have to be when I am next back in Australia, and after Kay's other hip is done and mended. My apologies to those of you in Queensland and Tassie, especially. We have no way of knowing when that will be, as we are not covered for private.
3. The coming teaching in Tanzania - setting up the program. First up I should be with the Anglican diocese of Central Tanganyika (DCT) for a month or so, going to different parts and working with pastors in each part (or 'archdeaconry'), beginning at Mvumi.  After that, Uganda again. I have some open invitations, with Baptists and with Anglicans (the Diocese of West Ankole), but it is hard to plan this second Uganda leg while we don't yet know when I need to be home again for Kay's next recovery time.  So that is all a very big issue for prayer.
4. Please be praying for our Philip and his family, up in Ballarat. They are going through a very tough time.
5.  Since I did the workshop on "Justification by Grace" for the Riverina Christian Convention a couple of months back, I have been developing the notes I did  then as a handout, and a small book is steadily taking shape - on communicating 'justification' cross-culturally - esp. for anyone interested in mission work, 'here or there'.  Please be praying for clear Biblical thinking, as this comes together.
6.  We particularly need guidance, as Browns Plains Presbyterian Church,who have been so incredibly helpful in recent years, need us to look at new options for collecting and dispatching funds, independently of them.  Please also be praying for the process of getting the compound in Tanzania into the name of our trust there. It is getting closer now, but there are some final hurdles - including getting permission to own property from the government body overseeing trusts.
FYI on the Same Sex Marriage issue, with the postal ballot now going ahead, here are some great resources (See also another gem from Donald Geddes, which I have attached):


Update on the above:


EMail on 14th September, 2017

Dear friends,
Thankyou for praying. Kay's doing a whole lot better now. They don't seem to know what the problem was, but she's coming right now.  Last Friday night, in the end they dosed her up on something with morphine in it, and then it appears there was some miscommunication and early in the morning they gave her another dose that really hit her, and in the morning when I saw her she looked just awful, right out to it with toast in her mouth. Her breathing rate was so slow they gave her oxygen and called in the emergency team.
She still gets pretty sore - especially after the exercises, but the worst is behind us, and now she's giving me orders!  She comes home tomorrow.

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